She Takes My Breath Away

She Takes My Breath Away

I’ve mentioned in recent blogs that Briana’s vocabulary is very rapidly expanding, but I don’t know that I’ve really gotten too far into how much, or how her little mind seems to soak up ideas really easily, and she seems to be understanding more and more about what is happening around her, what she is seeing on screens, and what she is having read to her in books.

We were in my room the other day, playing around having tickle wars on the bed and just being silly, when she suddenly stopped and looked at me, very alarmed, and said “Something is scary!” She didn’t look at me and just start to cry, or yell, or run away in fear, she identified what was wrong and told me about it. I immediately scooped her into my lap and said “What’s scary, baby?” She burrowed into my chest and mumbled something. “What’s scary, hon? Mama can’t hear you.” She pulled away from me just enough to whisper “I hear a noise!”

I listened.

All I could hear was the fan in the bathroom, which had been running the whole time we had been in my room. I said, “Let’s go see what it is. You might feel better. Is that okay?” I stood up, holding her, and started to cross the room, but she yelled “No!” So I said “Okay, mama will put you on the bed and make the noise go away. Is that okay?” She thought. “Okay.” So I set her back on the bed, crossed the room, and flipped off the switch for the bathroom fan. I turned back to her. “Is that better?” She listened. “No more noise. No more something scary. Better.”

I love that she is now able to identify what is wrong or what she needs, and I love how fast she is learning new words and ideas.

I also love how kind her heart is, and how sweet she is. I posted this on Facebook just a few minutes ago:

Bri and I were sitting on the couch together, and I was tickling her and playing with her, and I started to get out of breath, so I stopped and said “Okay, honey, give mama a minute. She needs to rest.”

Briana stops, and looks at me really seriously for a minute, and then stands behind me on the couch, puts her hands on my shoulders and kind of rubs them for a second, then leans her little face onto my head like I do when she is snuggled up next to me and whispers, “It’s okay, baby, you’re tired. Rest.”

David rubs my shoulders when I am tired and sore after work. If she’s getting really upset over nothing, or is just over-tired, I’ll usually say something like “It’s okay, baby. You’re so tired. Lay here and rest with mama.” The fact that she did that when I said I needed to rest just melted my heart. It brought tears to my eyes. She is only two! How can she be only two and growing up so fast at the same time? On the one hand, it’s amazing and beautiful and I love it! But on the other hand, she’s my baby girl, and I want her to stay my baby girl forever.

She has started laughing at movies. She loves the baby sea turtles on Finding Nemo. When she watched Beauty and the Beast today, she would be watching a scene and turn to me and say “She’s crying. She’s sad.” or “He’s  mad, mama. He’s scary.” Just last week, she wasn’t doing that. Now, she is naming characters left and right (Daniel from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, James and Sofia and Amber from Sofia the First, even the Beast from Beauty and the Beast), laughing at jokes, and seemingly following simple story-lines. It’s crazy!

Today she also announced twice that she needed to go to the potty. She’s been doing this sort of randomly over the last couple of weeks, but usually would just go in and sit on the toilet for a few minutes and then say she was done without doing anything. Today, she said “I need to go to the potty!” She ran in there and put her potty seat on the toilet and helped us get her pants down, and then she actually went both number one and number two! She got the biggest grin on her face when we praised her and said, matter-of-factly, “I went potty! Wash my hands now, please.”

And then, right before bed, she told me again she needed to use the potty, and actually did!

We had stopped potty training her a couple of months ago because she was turning it into a power struggle, and we didn’t want it to be such a traumatic thing for her. Now, she’s volunteering to use the bathroom. I’m hoping if we just keep at it this way, letting her decide when to go, and then just gently start encouraging her to go more often and not use her diaper, we will have her 100% potty trained before Chelsea is born in May. I don’t know how well this will work, but I am encouraged by her wanting to go twice today. So I guess we will just take it one day at a time…and let her watch the Daniel Tiger episode about using the potty A LOT. 😀

I just find how fast Briana is changing and developing her vocabulary and becoming a little girl instead of a toddler…a bit alarming. And amazing. And wonderful. And absolutely terrifying. I was reading something the other day that told me she is technically a pre-schooler instead of a toddler now. I was like “Seriously? At TWO?” But I guess it’s true? Who knows.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment or share if you found it particularly fabulous. 😉


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