Words you wish they wouldn’t learn…

Words you wish they wouldn’t learn…




Oh, dear. She’s learned those words. She’s learning quickly how best to use them, too.

The other day, her grandma bought her a Frozen water bottle, but Briana was seemingly having a tough time getting any water out of it. So I picked it up and tried to take a drink.

Her reaction was about what you would expect any nearly-two-year old’s reaction to be. She got angry and reached for the bottle, letting out a stream of unintelligible Briana Speak. I fixed the straw and handed it back. She took it from me, said “No, mommy! No!” And then went about her business. I had to turn away so that she wouldn’t see my laughter.

We were on our way out the door the other day and Briana planted herself in the middle of the doorway, preventing me from opening it. And she just stood there. In my way. As we were running late and frustrations were already running high. So I very rudely said “Briana, honey, will you just move?!” She did move, and I did apologize in the car for being rude.

Later that day, at the aquarium, two boys kept getting in Briana’s way as we were trying to look at the octopus. She darted this way and that, trying to get around them to see, but they were still in her way. So she said, “Move! Move!” Um, oops? I guess that one is my fault. I apologized to the boys’ mother, but she just laughed and said “New word?”

And then there is “stop.”

Yesterday, my darling daughter hit me and told me to “stop” when I touched one of her toys. And then she did it again. Timeout!

It’s so funny, because, as a parent, I am absolutely ecstatic when she learns a new word. Any word, really! But then there are those words that present you with a whole new set of issues. How do you teach the concept of rudeness to a child baby toddler who doesn’t even really understand what feelings or manners are yet?

I’ve started teaching her what manners I can. Feet don’t go on the table, no talking with our mouth full, food goes on our plate not on the floor…I have to repeat it twenty times a meal, but I’m trying. This other thing though, words…toddlers are just going to say stuff! You can’t control what comes out of their mouths!

I have accepted (if not embraced) the fact that my child is going to royally embarrass me at one point or another (or several hundred times). But I still want to try to teach her to be polite…as far as you can teach a two year old to be polite. So we have started talking about gentle words and hurt feelings. It may not work, but it’s a start…you have to start somewhere, right?

I’m just hoping she doesn’t drop any inappropriate four-letter words any time soon. Hubby and I are both much better about curse-words than we used to be, but I admit that we still swear more than we should. My weakest moments are when I am driving and other drivers are not being very smart. Keep your fingers crossed for me…going from having the mouth of a sailor to having the mouth of a trying-really-hard-to-keep-it-clean mom is one tough job.

Anyway, my point is, expanding vocabularies are cause for celebration. Except when they aren’t. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Words you wish they wouldn’t learn…

      1. We skipped the “no” stage, and went straight to the sentences. Probably because we ended up with Tyrannical Threes instead of Terrible Twos (and just when I’d started to think we’d lucked out, being the great parents that we are).

  1. Haha, my son is barely talking, seems to just not care. However, he without a doubt knows how to articulate the “no” word. 🙂

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