Not a Crafty Mama

Not a Crafty Mama

I would blog a lot more if I knew what to say. I feel as if my blogs are repetitive and uninteresting, at least to people who don’t know me, or know my daughter. I’m not a crafty mom, I don’t do Pintrest projects, and the most artsy project I’ve done with Briana is to let her color with crayons.

I take pictures, but I don’t have fantastic camera, and I don’t have Photoshop.

All I really do, is love my child. I try to enjoy every moment with her, even in the moments that I’m upset, I try to remind myself that later, this will make a good story. Like last night, when she threw a pocket Spanish dictionary in my face, and the corner hit me above the eye. I’m sure that will be funny, once the sore spot on my face isn’t so tender.

Today, I got home from work excited to see her. I got home before 2:00, and she was taking a nap. She still isn’t awake, almost two hours later. I need to go wake her up soon. 

Yesterday, she said, out of nowhere, “We go inside?” We had swung by my in-laws house to drop off something, and we were sitting in the car, because my father-in-law was going to come get it. I didn’t want to get Briana out of the car and turn around and put her right back in. And she looks at me, confused, and says “We go inside?”

It was a little jumbled, not super clear, but she repeated it three times until I answered her. I said, “No, honey, we aren’t going inside.” And she got super angry and took off her shoe in retaliation…because apparently, that’s supposed to make me mad?

And now she says “want out” or “want down” when she is done eating. Yesterday, she got mad at me for not putting her down fast enough after I had picked her up to give her a kiss and she said “Said DOWN! DOWN!” Okay then…

She also very clearly says “Lemme see” (Let me see) when we are watching a video on our phones or reading something. And she will push herself into your lap and take a gander. It’s so cute!

It’s amazing that she’s getting so close to “real” sentences. It feels like she says something new every single day, and I’m absolutely sure that I am not catching it all. 

She surprises me with what she will eat. Pretty much the only thing I’ve tried feeding her that she won’t touch is tomatoes. Which isn’t surprising…I hate tomatoes, it’s a texture thing. I love pizza and spaghetti and even tomato soup, but I can’t stand the texture of fresh tomatoes. 

Briana used to sleep with two stuffed puppies and her blanket. Now, most nights, I come in to check on her and the puppies are on the floor, along with her pillow. She still keeps a death grip on the blanket though!

Can someone please pinch me? I can’t believe she will be two in four months…less than four months!

What is your favorite memory from when your child (or children) was (or were) not yet 2? I think mine is the first time Briana started twirling in circles. SO cute!

Not a Pintrest Crafty Mama




4 thoughts on “Not a Crafty Mama

  1. Hey, I don’t think your blog posts are repetitive or uninteresting. I love reading your blog!
    The only reason I’m not reading too much anymore (of you or anyone else) is because my computer has been broken since March, leaving me either at the library – under pressure to finish work and free the computer up for someone else – or during a break at work – with the same pressure.
    Hopefully soon I will have a normal computer again and then I will be able to read and comment more…

    1. I was wondering where you had gone! I was actually thinking about you the other day and realized I hadn’t seen you or a new blog from you in a while. Glad to know you’re okay! Hope your computer gets fixed soon!

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