For Riley

For Riley

The following is a (terrible) poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago in an effort to put my feelings about my miscarriage into words. Since today would have been my due date, I decided to share it to honor the baby we never got to meet. Please forgive my terrible poetry and rhyming. I hope the message comes across despite my sometimes awkward word choice.

Dear Riley,

I never got to hold you
Or see you laugh and play
I never got to hear you laugh
Or even watch you walk away
I never got to hear you speak
Or hold your little hand
I never even knew if you would
Grow to be a woman or a man

You never got to meet your sister
She would have loved you so
You never got to see the world
Or find out what there is to know
You never saw a sunset
Or heard the words “I love you”
You never felt me pull you close
Just so I could hug you

There are so many things I want you to know, but don’t know how to tell you
There are so many things I feel right now, and I wish that I could have you

You should be here in my arms
Instead of Heaven up above
I just hope that even way up there
You can feel my love

I’ll love you forever, Baby Riley,
And your dad and sister, too
Some day we’ll come to Heaven
And we’ll finally get to meet you

Your Mommy


6 thoughts on “For Riley

    1. You are very welcome. I always hesitate to share my poetry because it’s one of my big weaknesses as a writer. But I felt that this time, the subject was more important than my strength as a writer.

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