I know I’m six months early…

I know I’m six months early…

…but I can’t stop trying to figure out where to have Briana’s birthday party in November. I know it’s ridiculous to think about it six months in advance, but when you’re on a budget and you live in an apartment (and even just inviting family – like truly immediate family) means you need a venue for roughly 25 people), it’s kind of stressful.

Last November we had Bri’s birthday party at Alfy’s. We booked the large banquet room and got stuffed in the smaller one because the employees were being lazy. I felt super claustrophobic the whole time and super stressed and didn’t enjoy it at all.

Since Bri is turning 2, I know it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In fact, if I lived in a bigger house, I’d just invite everyone over for cake. But I don’t. And 25 people is a lot to just ask a friend “Hey, can I borrow your house?” Not to mention, I do have some friends with kids (and some without) that I would like to invite…if I can find a place that we can afford that can host everyone.

I hated doing it at Alfy’s, really, I really wish I could afford to do it somewhere nicer. But it seems like the cheapest places around here are AT LEAST $175, and the number of people included in that price is often too low to accommodate us. (Who charges $275 and then caps the number of guests at 20?!) If I could book it now and pay it off a little at a time, I might be able to swing that much…but she’s turning TWO. If I’m spending that much on her party when she turns two, and I going to be spending five hundred later on? $1,000?! I’m not trying to sound like a cheapskate…if I HAD the money, I would gladly spend it on my baby girl! But that’s a lot of money to us right now.

What’s really frustrating is, I really just need a room big enough to hold everyone, and then I can get the party decorations a little at a time, and the cake, etc. etc. It just seems so silly to pay $200 when I just need the ROOM. It would be so much easier if she had been born in a warmer month – I could just have it outside! Then with my thriftiness and my mother-in-law’s craftiness, and my sister-in-law’s cake decorating prowess…I could spend under a hundred dollars, heck, probably less than 60 dollars, on this party, and spread out the cost so that I really never spent more than ten bucks at a time.

Maybe it’s not silly to start looking six months ahead of time. I will figure this out, darnit!

Determined Mama



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