Just a Little Blog Today

In just over two weeks, we will once again be living on our own, in a nice two bedroom apartment that we can call “ours.” Well, we’re renting, but it’ll be ours just the same.

I am so excited to finally be able to provide B with her own room, and decorate it nicely. We spent a nice chunk of our tax return this year purchasing decor and furniture for her room and bathroom. The most devastating thing for me about losing our apartment back in May 2013 and having to move into a smaller place was losing the chance to decorate B’s room. Since she was still sleeping in with us, there hadn’t been a big hurry, and then suddenly, my plans for decorating her nursery were just…gone.

I’m so happy. Grateful. Ecstatic. It’s been five years since we’ve really had our own place. We’ve either been living with my in-laws or living with roommates practically since we got married. It’s beyond time to have our own space again, and now, on February 28th, we will!

The last shipment came in today, so all of B’s stuff is here and ready to be moved to the new place. I suppose if I had been smart about it I would have just waited to order it until we moved, but I was excited, so I ordered it. 🙂

I don’t really have much to say today, I just wanted to start being better about blogging more often! I actually set a reminder so that I will hopefully actually blog at least once a week. I’m sure B will give me a lot to write about!

Moving Mommy



2 thoughts on “Just a Little Blog Today

  1. I can totally relate. While we were doing major restoration work on our home, I couldn’t stay in our house for the first eight months of my daughter’s life. It was really rough being in transition like that. At eight months, the house was safe to move my daughter in and she finally had a room of her own. It was an awesome feeling and such a relief. I’m so happy for you and your family!

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