Navigating the dangerous waters of…being a mom to a toddler?

Navigating the dangerous waters of…being a mom to a toddler?

It still sounds so odd to me when I hear someone refer to my daughter as toddler. In my mind, she’s still just a baby, regardless of whether or not she is walking and regardless of the fact that she’s 15 months old as of the 5th of February…It’s just odd. But she is, undeniably, a toddler. And she, unfortunately, is acting like one and stretching her Toddler Tantrum Muscles more and more fully each day. At home, I ignore her and she stops. And nearly all of her tantrums have been at home…knock on wood.

On Friday, however, while we were at Costco (buying a king sized bed and a couch…not that that is central to the story, I just felt like sharing), she threw her first public tantrum. Not exactly a first to be proud of, not one that goes in the baby book, but a first nonetheless.

My husband and I were standing by the king sized bed set we had decided to purchase while my mother-in-law went to get a cart for us to lay it on. B started getting antsy sitting in her stroller, so I took her out and was letting her walk up and down the aisle while I trailed along behind her. Then she got to wanting to push her stroller up and down the aisle by holding onto the basket under the stroller. It was cute, and since I was steering to make sure we didn’t cause any major damage, it was fine. When my mother-in-law got back with the cart, though, things got dicey. I dared to pick her up while she was still wanting to push the stroller.




You would have sworn I broke her favorite toy or stole her favorite blanket…or poked her in the eye with a white hot fire poker. This was the reaction I got from her.

It’s lucky I was in the mood that I was in (cranky and hungry and not in the mood to care about other peoples reactions) or I would have been absolutely mortified. As it was, I tucked my screaming-bloody-murder child under one arm and maneuvered the stroller with my other hand and casually followed my husband and MIL over to the couch that we also planned on purchasing. I put Briana down on said couch and watched as she kicked and flailed her feet, and I just kind of shook my head in mild amusement. When she figured out I wasn’t going to react to her tantrum, she got down off of the couch and started walking in circles, talking to herself (in baby babble) and waving her arms around. In my head I pictured an angry little Italian woman, and I got the giggles.

Other people who walked by in the middle of her screaming fit didn’t really react either. My guess is that either they didn’t even notice in all the hubbub of the Friday evening busy-ness that is Costco, or they really didn’t care because it wasn’t their child. I even got a few commiserating looks from other parents toting around small children. Woot. (They should hand out badges for parents. “I survived my first public tantrum.” “I survived my daughter’s first diaper explosion.” “I survived birthing my child.” Lol!)

After my MIL and hubby had maneuvered the couch onto another cart, we headed up to the registers, where B had another fit. I went to change her diaper, and while digging through the diaper bag found a sticker stuck to a tongue depressor (like the ones they use at doctor offices – the nurse who gave her shots at her last appointment had given it to Briana afterwards to distract her). The magic Tinker Bell sticker did the trick, and she was happily distracted until we got outside and I got her in the car.

Really, this whole temper tantrum was my fault to begin with. I should have fed her dinner before we went to Costco. She was hungry and tired, and it was about an hour past her dinner time. I had brought snacks, but she wasn’t interested in snacking…she wanted a real meal. Lesson learned: even if I’m super excited about making a big purchase, I need to be a good mommy and feed my daughter before we head out. Although, in my defense, it was still an hour and a half before dinner time when we headed out…our Costco trip was a lot more extended than it was meant to be. Maybe next time I’ll just pack her dinner along…just in case!

I know there will be tantrums that B throws in the future that will make me want to disappear. But I feel like I handled this one okay.

Miss B’s Mommy AKA Tantrum Survivor


4 thoughts on “Navigating the dangerous waters of…being a mom to a toddler?

  1. I can’t even take my toddler to the grocery store anymore without my husband because she will freak out everytime. Plus, she refuses to sit in a stroller so we don’t even bother with it. I seriously need one of those kid leashes.

  2. Took until now for Bri to meltdown in public? Mallory is a pro at public meltdowns. You should have seen the one she had on the Magical Express last week. I will say I find the tantrums kids throw between the ages 1-2 to be the most frustrating. They can’t communicate their wants/needs fully and you can’t negotiate with them. Not that I can negotiate with Cameron all that well, but at 3 1/2 I can figure out why things are so traumatic for him and usually the tantrums are shorter lived.

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