Birthdays, Portraits, And Parties

Birthdays, Portraits, And Parties

I sat down the other day and sorted through all of the pictures of B from the last year. It’s amazing how much she has grown and changed since she was born, how much she has learned, and all of the skills she has mastered. It took quite a while to finish sorting through everything that was dated…I’m still working on sorting through forty or so pictures that are somehow undated in my files. My goal is to be more organized going forward so that it won’t be such a monumental task when I sit down to sort through stuff.

Since our income has been so limited for one reason or another since B was born (first my maternity leave, then me quitting my job to stay home longer, then – after I went back to work – D being on medical leave) I haven’t been able to afford to have any pictures printed up. I think things will be looking up soon, though, so I wanted everything organized for the day that I can finally start working on my scrap books and photo albums.

We also had some family photos taken two days after she turned one, and I think they turned out really well.


There are a couple of bloopers in there, but overall, I’m very happy with the pictures. We’ll definitely be returning there in the future! We were lucky to have a couple gift cards that we were able to use to pay for the pictures.

B had her one year check-up just a couple hours after the pictures. Our girl now weighs 19lbs 14.5oz and is 29.84″ long. That’s the 52nd percentile for weight and the 72nd percentile for height. Our regular pediatrician wasn’t in, but the ARNP we saw instead was quite impressed with B. She said “She looks beautiful and her growth chart curves are right on track. You’re doing a great job with her!” Phew! It’s always nice to get a professional “good job.” šŸ™‚

B’s party on Saturday was…Interesting? I felt like it was a disaster. Although the cupcakes were cute!


I had booked a banquet room at Alfy’s Pizza because I didn’t want to impose on anyone and do it at someone’s house. I booked a room with a capacity for 50 people since we had invited a lot of family and some family friends and friends with kids. The people at Alfy’s were lazy and hadn’t cleaned the room that we were supposed to be in, however, so they stuck us in a room that had a 30 person capacity. I was ten minutes late to the party with the birthday girl in tow (how stylin’ am I, showing up late to our party?) due to multiple delays that had occurred throughout the day (including B absolutely refusing to take her afternoon nap) and my stress level was already maxed out. When I figured out they had us in the wrong room, I tried to talk to them about it, but they were unhelpful and uncooperative, and by that time everyone had sort of settled into the smaller room, so I decided it wasn’t worth the fight.

Have I mentioned I’m claustrophobic?

Anyway, I had planned on getting there twenty minutes early to decorate, but I didn’t, so I wasn’t happy with the way the decorations turned out, and because I was feeling so frazzled when I got there, I was just not doing well with all of the people crowded into that tiny little room. I think we were 10 over capacity. I was trying to just focus on B and opening presents and being smiley for pictures, and looking back at the pictures, I think I did okay pretending I wasn’t on the verge of freaking the heck out. šŸ™‚


*Note the empty look of the room? This was before everyone arrived…Also, I know the banner’s “Y” is hanging down funny…my brother and a friend put it up, and I thought it was kind of cute in a sad sort of way, so I didn’t nitpick.*

I was really surprised by how well B did with the crowd and everyone wanting to say hello and getting passed around a bit. She sat on the table by my chair while I opened her presents for her, and even showed a little bit of interest (at least in the paper). She looked stinking adorable in her Minnie Mouse costume with a 1st Birthday Girl sash, and even though in some of the pictures she looks really tired (because remember she refused her nap), she didn’t have any meltdowns, and she really enjoyed her smash cake…or at least the frosting. šŸ™‚



*The Smash Cake. It’s an applesauce cake with half the amount of sugar called for, and homemade cream cheese frosting, also with half the amount of sugar called for (I think my mother in law added something to thicken it a bit?)


So I suppose it wasn’t a complete disaster, it just felt like it didn’t go the way I had imagined it would go. Practice makes perfect? Next time I’ll get there half an hour early, and I won’t back down if we aren’t given the room that I booked! And I probably won’t do it at Alfy’s again…I’m actually going to write a letter, because I was most displeased with the service we received. I think being stuck in the smaller room flustered me so much that I wasn’t able to relax and enjoy myself…as much as one can enjoy a kids party. As my aunt said “Kids birthday parties suck.” Hehehe…For me it was more the preparation that had me stressed out.

But anyway!

I’m rambling on again. I’ve got more to write, but I need to head to bed. Hopefully you enjoyed the pictures. I’m too tired to share more right now. šŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Birthdays, Portraits, And Parties

  1. Definitely write the letter. I would have told them that they can expect partial payment – they gave 60% of the size of room promised – so they can expect 60% payment. Stick to your guns! All in all, it looks like a good time and you did great! Love the family photos!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! And congrats on her birthday!
    It doesn’t sound like it was a real flop but I certainly can understand why you were flustered. Just keep in mind that the guests don’t see it the same way as you. šŸ™‚

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